5 Great Dive Sites in Bali

Bali, also known as the island of the gods in Indonesia, is not only known for its spiritual charm, but also for the beautiful flora and fauna beneath its tantalizing beaches and landscapes.

A holiday in Bali is incomplete without diving and experiencing the beauty beneath its waters.

Bali’s dive sites are as diverse as its landscapes. Divers are treated to sand slopes, breathtaking limestone, historical shipwrecks, colorful corals, and all sorts of marine life such as sharks, manta rays, ocean fish, and countless others.

Here are five of the best dive sites in Bali.

USAT Liberty

The USAT Liberty is the most popular dive site in Bali. The USAT Liberty was an American ship that was sunk by the Japanese during World War II. Several years under the sea has transformed this steamship into an artificial reef teeming with marine life.

Blooming coral trees, dazzling gorgonian sea fans, and colorful sponges have all developed on the sunken ship. Jackfish, parrotfish, emperors, batfish, and sweetlips are just a select few of the fish and marine life you spot while diving.


Lying on the northeast coast, Tulamben Bay offers divers a plankton-rich and diverse underwater ecosystem that will make any diver blush. The black sand brings out the lush and beautiful colors of the corals and marine life.

At the other dive area within the bay lies a different kind of diving adventure. Sunfish, sharks, and whale sharks have been spotted off a rocky point in Tulamben Bay.

Crystal Bay

Located on Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay is protected and relatively shallow compared to other dive sites in Bali making it the perfect dive spot for divers of all levels. Large sea creatures such as eagle rays, dogtooth tuna, molas, bumphead wrasse, surgeonfish, and sharks can be spotted near the drop-off point.

Watch out for the currents, because there are times when it gets too strong which sweep divers out of position.

Padang Bai white sand beach.
Padang Bai white sand beach.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is found near Padang Bai and is home to many shallow reefs. This dive site’s conditions make it the right spot for night dives, long photo trips, and introductory diving sessions.

You can see staghorn coral patch reefs in just 3m of water. The reef then widens out into an area of spectacular leather corals, large coral bommies, and anemones.

Gili Tepekong

Found on the southeast coast near the shores of Candi Dasa, this large volcanic hump is home to a diverse underwater ecosystem. Once you dive, you are greeted with an area filled with Medusa-like heads that come in various shapes and sizes.

These Medusa-like heads are crowned with bright red sea fans, sponges, and tunicates. While exploring, you will vie for space with numerous colorful corals.

Have you gone diving in Bali? What dive sites can you add here?

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