What Makes Vancouver a Great Place to Live?

A seaport city in Western Canada, Vancouver has gradually built a reputation as one of the greatest cities to live in. Over the years, it continues to draw numerous travelers and visitors from all over the globe. Even digital nomads are tempted to settle down here.

This comes as no surprise, though, since Vancouver boasts impressive scenery, natural locations, adequate employment, and comfortable lifestyles. Whether you’re already on the lookout for Homes for Sale in Vancouver or just wanted to know what living in this city looked like, take a look at the list of the things below that make Vancouver a great place to live in.

Enjoyable outdoor time

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that unlike many other cities across the world, Vancouver allows you to enjoy both the metropolitan area and the great outdoors. On top of towering buildings, it offers breathtaking natural views from almost anywhere in the city. This is because the city sits on rocky mountains right in front of the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks to this strategic location, you are sure to see the wide sky and mountains from any angle and enjoy nature to its fullest. You can go hiking and skiing in the highlands one day or try surfing and kayaking in the ocean the next. With a plethora of places to connect with nature, you will never run out of outdoor activities to do in Vancouver.

Finest climate in all of Canada

You might be worried about moving to Canada because of its cold winters, but don’t let this put you off because Vancouver’s got your back! Known to have the best climate in the country, the city rarely experiences heavy snowfalls due to its proximity to the ocean. If you’re a winter person craving for snow, the mountains and ski slopes are just nearby for you to enjoy, too.

During the spring season, the city bursts with color as the cherry blossoms start blooming. In the sunny months of April to October, the air is generally dry but seldom excessively warm. This makes Vancouver one of the driest cities in the country.

More green spaces

In order to provide adequate green space for everyone while meeting the population density target, the city’s layout has been well-planned. The green areas were evenly divided throughout the high-rise and low-rise structures, and there are numerous parks preserved within the city.

Because it has well-defined space, everything is within walking distance. This arrangement provides enough green space to let the eyes and surroundings relax.

Vancouver also offers a city-wide network of bicycle lanes, thanks to the strong environmental policy implemented by the government. Pair this with moderate weather all year round, and you get a city that uses bicycles as a primary mode of transportation. In fact, Vancouver has a higher percentage of individuals who walk or bike than any other Canadian city.

Great education system

Vancouver’s outstanding public school system has to be one of the most appealing aspects to anyone considering coming to the city. The system is well-managed and well funded and really helps children perform well in academics.

Another upside is that the majority of public schools are free for citizens and individuals on work visas. Each public school is distinct from the others, though. Some may specialize in art, while others focus on technology.

Vancouver also boasts world-class universities. The University of British Columbia comes up in 34th place in the Times World University Rankings for 2021, while Simon Fraser University, which has a campus on top of Barnaby Mountain, takes 27th place in the Times Young University Rankings in 2015.

Offering a unique blend of modern, clean metropolitan life with the panoramic landscape all around, Vancouver has always been an attractive location to live in. If you’re planning to make a big move soon, look no further than this diverse and commercial city.

Featured photo by user TonW via Pixabay, free for commercial use with no attribution required.

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